Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Haven't been on a while sorry about that. So Christmas was all well. James was suppose to surprise me with a camera but that didn't happen. We were filming a Batman skit for Glazelife. In the middle of filming his mom called and he put her on speaker phone will the first thing that she says is "Her camera is here." So it got James all upset and it scared me so I was upset and I was supposed to earn it with my own money. But it's all okay now. He made me wait though till Christmas to get it. And his parents got me the a bag and Michael got me a memory card. James got me a book to know everything about my camera, a Falcon's shirt, an Aeropostale gift card, 3 Hello Kitty fashion glasses, a Hello Kitty necklace, a crockpot and a sander. I got James Cortana, Red Spartan, Blue Spartan action figures, Braves hat, 2 shorts, sweatpants, bottle opener, WOW Monopoly, Power Bars, Slim Jim, body spray, and other candy. But it was a really good Christmas. My parents got me the iPhone 5. And of course I got spoiled from the people at work. Momma D got me 2 Hello Kitty sweaters, Hello Kitty pajamas, lotion, body wash, and a Rue 21 gift card. Munroe and Sowell both got me a Hello Kitty Chia pet. Jen got me a Hello Kitty shirt and a $10 iTunes gift card. And Bree got me a Hello Kitty mug, candy and Hello Kitty soap.
Christmas morning we cooked breakfast for Michael and our parents. That was an experience cooking all that food. But it went well, the food was good. I think everybody enjoyed it as well. We got James' mom a dutch oven, his dad Justin flip flops. We gave my parents a candle and money. His parents got my dad Jack Daniels and my mom a sauce warmer thing. My parents got his parents an American Express gift card and Michael an Amazon gift card. My parents gift to James didn't come in time. So he has a few more presents to open. Jaim and Nicole didn't get to make it but we will see them another time to exchange gifts.
For New Years we plan to go to South Carolina to see Aaron and all them. I'm so excited. Although James is off Christmas Eve so we have to leave a soon as I get home. But it's a good thing it doesn't take long to get there. But hopefully we aren't that busy at work.
Any who!! So I came with  2 A's in the fall semester. Yay! Starting the Spring semester in January. I'm excited. I taking a microbiology course, public speaking online and a firearms injury course. I'm interest to see how this online public speaking course goes. The firearms injury course is what I am interested about the most because we get to go to the range and we learn everything about assembling and firing a gun.
Well I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. I hope everyone has an awesome New Year.