Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Pages Tab!!

So I finally updated the pages tabs. I put one post into What's Cooking? When you get a chance check it out. First post was my asparagus soup. Nothing yet in Getting Crafty, but always check back.
Thanks again.

Up in the air

May 17th I got to experience the awesome-est thing ever. About a week ago the Friday before May 17th my Major at work said something to me about going up in a helicopter. Knowing him I thought we were all just playing around. I thought it was cool anyways. I'm not scared of them or flying. Well come to it, he wasn't playing he needed new pictures of the jail for a presentation. The Major set up with Clayton County Police Department for me to go up May 17th. He told me the 4 things he needed while I was up there. I was so nervous about the pictures, not being in a helicopter but the pictures like if I got any good ones, if they were what he was wanting, did I get everything he wanted.

When I got there I think they were a little skeptical, They probably thought I was like way younger than what I am and that I was going to panic or get sick or something. But they went through a mini training, like how to buckle and unbuckle not to rely on the door, if anything happened never go towards the tail of the helicopter and if there was an emergency not to panic. After the whole emergency landing part I got to thinking. I never thought about if anything bad happened and I am the person that always thinks negative first. I didn't panic or anything but I was like "hmm...what if something could be my last..." But I felt like I was in good hands with these pilots. They were so awesome and nice. They taught me all about the wind and "natural wind" and landing has to be perfect because 1 inch can be game over.

And when I was up there, the feeling that came over me was unbelievable. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job. There are somethings that I don't agree with or like. But I love the people I work with and they are my family. But things like this really makes me appreciate my job. The ability to have awesome experiences and learn things. I love my boss he truly is the best. I'm not sucking up, he doesn't read any of these but the feeling was just peaceful. I could have been up there all day long. The flight was smooth and, no, I did not get sick. But being up there I almost wanted to cry because it made me think about a few things.

Again special thanks to my Major and CCPD for allowing me to have this experience.

Vlog of the experience:

Some pictures from the flight (there were like a 100+ photos)
Other Passengers


Saturday, May 18, 2013

April 2013

So nothing much went on in April. I finished up my spring semester. I finished with 2 A's and 2 B's. I signed up for chemistry for the summer semester. That will be my last semester and final class. I'm really excited. I've got to thinking to I never really had my mind set on anything specific to study in the forensic field. I just had my mind set as a crime scene technician. But after have the firearms course I have an interest in being a firearms examiner. For my good grades James' got me a flash for my camera.Brand Neewer, Model TT560 Speedlite.
So far so good. Still learning about it and how it functions.

Dogwood Festival:
Just the usual, we walked around. We didn't get a lot of free stuff this year we were kind of late on getting around this year. We planned to go to the Sweetwater Festival until I found out that you had to pay $5 just to get a wrist band to drink and then you had to pay about $8 per beer.. so we passed on that and ate at the Bone Garden. Absolutely love that place. And I love their drinks.

March 2013

Florida Trip:
The weekend around St. Patrick's Day my parents, James and I went to Florida for my grandma's 70th birthday. We had a good little vacation. We went to the beach, grandma's birthday, Kherrington's birthday and Lexi's birthday parties. Kyra just loves James so much. She would always call his name and was so sweet to him but not to me. But they said she was asking about me the day after we left.

Atlanta Crawfish & Oyster Festival:
We went to the Atlanta Crawfish and Oyster Festival this year with my parents. It's neat to go to. It's good to go with friends or family. Just drink and eat. There is live music there. I had fun.

This will always be a tradition for me and James to go to and I don't think it can ever get old. Atlanta's BaconFest. Who doesn't love bacon...and beer. They make a good combination. Well this year was a little bit better than last year although we went by our selves. But they had more food, different vendors. Like P'Cheen, The Wrecking Bar, Pine Street Market was there and they had food to try and The Wrecking Bar had a beer to try and some kind of pulled pork and slaw. The food that there were serving was really good. P'Cheen had a nagiri sushi with pork belly and bacon french toast ice cream sandwich. GENIUS!! Pine Street Market had a bacon jam. It was definitely interesting.  MailChimp was there giving out free t-shirts and monkey hats. Scored some of those. They are awesome, there shirts feel so good and are too cute. We of course got our caricatures done. And the most awesomest experiences happened. I was waiting in line for James' beer while he went to the bathroom and a girl walked by looked just like Caroline from Vampire Diaries. I looked and was thinking OMG that's her!! And then I was like well do I jump out of line and go after her. What do I do. Finally James comes back and I tell him and I'm freaking out. We decide to get our of line to find her. We went looking and looking and I'm about to finally give up when I find her!! I walk up to her and I ask just to make sure it was Candice Accola. Because she had her face painted and sun glasses on but it was her. I asked her if I could get a picture with her and at first I didn't think I was going to get it because she was in the middle of buying ice cream. But I got to take a picture with her and ending up telling her that I love her.

Don't look to hard

Atl Roller Derby Girls

Kiss the pig
Candice Accola

Mail Chimp Hat for pet
Dipping bacon in beer


Bacon Bow - I Made

February 2013

To try and surprise James, which I can never surprise James, I got boudoir pictures done. By the way those will not be posted. But I will show you the make-up and hair that I was treated with.

The pictures turned out really good. Thanks to my favorite photographer, Amy E Photography. He liked them and it wasn't a surprise. He found out of course because he follows her but its okay.

Valentine's weekend

Well it had to be pushed to the weekend after but James, Dustin and I went to The Square Pub in Downtown Decatur.  Really good place to bring some friends and hang out. They have games there, board games, a huge connect four, very pub atmosphere. Really good hang out to have some drinks with friends. There was the bottom level that was the bar area, mid area was the game area and then just a step up there were tables for place to sit down and eat. I had the carne avacado burrito. Amazing and for the first time I tried Angry Orchard and I liked it.

After lunch and boys wanted to go to Ale Yeah! It is a beer market for those that do not know. It has all kinds of beers. And they have these things called growlers that are your choice of a 64 or 32 oz jug and you get to choice out of the 12 that they had to tap to fill it up. Dustin and James split one and it was the darkest nastiest beer. I don't remember what it was. And of course James got bacon beer. Which we have not tried yet. 

Next door was a doughnut shop called Revolution. It was phenomenal. I got a blueberry doughnut and it just melted in your mouth.And they were huge. You also had the option of yeast style or cake style doughnuts.

 So the weekend after, our Valentine's weekend:
We went to a place called Abbatoir. Highly recommend to people looking to do something nice in Atlanta. Abbatoir means slaughter house but don't let the name lead you the other way. The place was beautiful!! The atmosphere is chill and intimate but also good to go with a bunch of friends. Kind of loud but it's nice to see people enjoying themselves.
There menu is always changing. So unfortunately I don't remember the names of the foods that I got. But we started out with some chicken wings. Really good, sauce on the wings were amazing. Kind of a teriyakki taste but a hint of spice to it. For my entree I had like a roast beef with a bed of mashed potatoes. Really smooth and creamy, very good. And for dessert we had a pecan tart. That was to die for!!

We stayed the night at Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. It was a  very nice hotel. The people there were nice and the service was good and clean. Before and after going to Abbatoir we had went to the bar in the hotel and played pool. They had free pool to hotel guests. It was fun and I got a picture of the cute, old timey car in the lobby.
The next morning we went from breakfast at HomeGrown. Possible the best breakfast place that I know of so far. All locally grown produce and fresh ingredients. I had an omelet and the cheese grits and I could just swim in the grits they were so good. Portions were huge and the pricing was not bad at all. I was full and happy after.

It was a good and fun Valentines Day and I have to thank my husband so much for being so awesome and being able to have these experiences with him.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beginning of 2013

To  ring in the New Year we went to South Carolina to see our friends Aaron, Caroline and Hersh. May be a new tradition starting. We do the whole bon fire thing, food, drinks and just hang.

James and his BFF
Just know ever since we came back from S.C. we went on a man hunt for toboggans and this joker don't even wear them.

So to start off 2013, there were some changes at work. We got a new Sheriff. A lot of people left, moved around and re-hired. I got moved to be the principal secretary for the Major of the jail division. I was already in the jail division, I was glad. I was just scared of being let go or being moved to a different location where it wouldn't work out with school. But I like where I am, I'm more involved with the public, I wasn't before, so it was something to get used to again.

Other than work of course I've been in school...still. But I am almost done. Spring semester I was taking firearms injuries, microbiology and public speaking. I was able to take some classes outside of my firearms injuries class, reloading ammo and touring the Atlanta Crime Lab. I got certificates for those so those are pretty awesome to add to my resume.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm back!

No, I haven't forgotten about a beautiful life. It has been a very chaotic time with school and working. Obviously I've been busy so I have a lot to tell. I'm going to post a new post for everything that has happened to get caught up. Also I plan to post any recipes or crafts that I have tried or done. So this will be exciting. And I plan to definitely keep up this year and so forth. I know I dropped the ball. But I just ended my spring semester. I have a month off then I am taking my last class for the summer semester and I will be done...hopefully. I'm really excited about that, I can't wait to be done with school. I'm planning to start working on my post this weekend, starting tonight. Check back in to see what's been happening.