Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. We went up to TJ and Nicole's with my parents to have lunch/dinner there. I made bacon ranch mashed potatoes and a salad. I attempted to make a dessert and failed. :( But it's ok Nicole made a dessert and it was really good. Mom made pancit and dad made prime rib. TJ and Nicole made squash casserole, green bean casserole, macaroni, and a dessert. It was all really good. And just hanging out with them was really fun. TJ and Nicole had to watch Sasha (Nicole's mom's dog), and she's a sheep dog. She's a big dog and really fun. I just don't think I could have a dog that big. She can do really cool tricks though like if you make your hand like a gun and say "bang" she will lie down like you shot her. The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. We didn't do any Black Friday shopping this year. This year we just didn't really have anything to buy and we are on this whole budgeting thing but it's all good we can deals other ways and other times. Saturday we didn't do anything at all just hung out at the house. Then today we went to Heritage Park and had a little picnic and walked the trail. We took Cobey with us and he really enjoyed it. He enjoyed being out and playing in the grass. Although he wanted to pee on everything but that is not a surprise.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm not ready for it. I'm so tired and I don't know why. Also back to school. I'm definitely not ready for that. I've got to check and make sure nothing crazy is going on this week. This week I've got to prepare for Lt. Munroe's retirement parties. So that will be a sad time but also a fun time too. I'm going to miss him so much but it's for the best and he will enjoy it. For those who don't know, we okay no body knows. Lt. Munroe was my lieutenant supervisor at my work. For the time I've been there he has been like a father. But this retirement isn't a good bye. I will still try and visit him and talk to him. He is a really great person.

Ok so the craziest thing just happened. I can't stop laughing I went to take Cobey out and I started to hear this jingling noise well I had already had Cobey attached to his leash and once I heard the jingling getting closer I started to panic because we've had a few dogs come through our yard and some being big. Well I started to back up to our door almost tripped backing up and I was screaming James' name. Well I set Cobey down and the jingling is right at the steps here comes this little yorkie. And I trying to grab the little guy and still screaming James' name finally he comes out and we call the number on his tag. The owners came and got him but he lives across the street in this neighborhood. OMG the little fellow crossed the very frequently busy road I don't know how he didn't get hit because he was a darker yorkie and it's night time. Thank God he didn't. And I'm glad that he had owners. Because I wouldn't know what I would have done but of course make James let me keep it. But I can't stop laughing at myself because I thought it was going to be this big dog and he comes this little yorkie. GOSH...I need a fence.

Good night all I've got a few things I need to do around the house.

Here is our Thanksgiving Vlog. Glazelife Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Part 2


This past Saturday James and I went to go see Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I have read all the books but it has been a long time. Everybody was like the ending is not the same as the book. I can't remember so I don't care that much. And I don't care that much to go back and read it. Sorry I'm not a die hard Twi-fan. But I thought it was pretty good. The CGI or whatever the correct term would be on the baby's face and the teen Renesme (I think that's how you spell it) was a little off and weird but that is a minor detail. Other than that it was funny. It keep you on your toes. It was good. The twist and the fight scenes were awesome. I didn't think that it would show so much "gore" although it was gore. I'm trying not to spoil it. But it was a little woah at some parts during the fight scenes...ok a lot of woah. I'm glad it's all over now though. So I would rate it maybe 8.5 out of 10. I think I could have waited to see it on DVD. I don't know what I wasn't as excited as every other girl in this world.
But yeah I just wanted to share my quick thoughts on this movie. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My solider had his shoulder surgery.

Yesterday James had surgery on his shoulder. It went very well. It was so funny seeing him all goofed up but I'm so glad it's over. It's going to suck for a little bit but he will be all better. Although timing wasn't right, I'm glad we went ahead and got it done. Because the longer we would of waited the worst it would get. He's in pain right now, it doesn't seem like the medication is really helping. And last night we slept in the living room because he needs to sleep propped up. He said he didn't sleep very well though. We're waiting to for the doctors to check up on him so we can ask if he can have some Tylenol PM to help him sleep tonight. 

This past Sunday we had Thanksgiving with James' family. The food was amazing. And we did a dessert contest. Everybody's desserts were really good. My "Pumpkin Better Than... Cake" won. For the recipe click here.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since last week...

So since last week nothing much has been going on. Just school and work. But James went to the doctor and decided on surgery. So Monday he will be having surgery on his shoulder. He had surgery on his other shoulder last year. It's due to his bones growing but not growing in the right way, something like that, so they have to shave it or grind it away. He's is nervous, but I told him everything will be okay. It will suck for a couple months but he will be all better and he can go back to work out.

Tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving early with James' whole family because Eva is in town. I'm so excited she is here. She's so sweet and I love her. I love her accent to, she's so funny. And this year us "kids" are having our dessert contest. And I'm making something I've never made before as well as James. And of course he is waiting till tomorrow to do his...he hasn't learned yet, although I remember last year that he said he would never wait till the day of again but whatever.

Also I don't think I ever mentioned but I found out that I don't have to do an internship and that I will be done after Summer 2013. So YAY!! Yeah I'm all registered for next semester and I had it where I was loaded with 4 classes. A chemistry class in the A.M. on Tuesday and Thursday, Microbiology in the P.M. on Tuesday and Thursday, Firearms Injuries in the P.M. Wednesday and then a  Public Speaking class online. And I was freaking out about work because the way I worked out my schedule so that I still work Monday-Friday and 40 hours. I would have had to do 10 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 5 hours Tuesday and Thursday in between the two science classes. But I was able to find out that Chemistry would be available during the summer so I just dropped that class and I will take it during the summer. It needs to hurry up and get here. 

But yeah that's all that has really been going on since last week.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breathe Carolina at Tilly's

Ok so my husband is awesome and took me to Tilly's at the North Point Mall because one of my favorite bands, Breathe Carolina, was there. They did a DJ set and signed autographs and took pictures with people. I didn't stay to get an autograph or take a picture with them because there was so many people and if they come for a real concert I could probably get it then. But I had a pretty awesome spot. I was against the wall on one of their boxes. Probably shouldn't have been on it but no body told me to get off. They got the floors bouncing and it was crazy. It was a pretty awesome mini-concert. They need to come to the Masquerade next year. And hopefully I will have my camera by then. But here are some shots that I got.

Sorry some are blurry, I was using the camera on my phone.

GA State Fair

Friday night James and I went with his parents, Michael and Ariel to the GA State Fair held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton. For a fair it really wasn't that bad. I've always wanted to go to the Perry Fair, I've heard that fair is a really good fair, maybe we will go next year. They had all these animals there which was neat to see, they were farm type animals but it was cool. I loved the baby goats. They were so sweet and cute. And there were chicks there they were all too cute. Next to the chicks was a hatching station and there was one that was trying to get out when went by. They had all the usual fair food and I didn't get any cotton candy. :( Sad.
But Ariel and I rode the Flying Dutchman. It was a ride that had 2 rows of seats and it would start out going side by side and then it would go all the way around. The next ride we rode James and Michael joined us. It was one that just went around and spinned a lot. It started out slow but then it got fast but it was kind of long. We were all like okay when is this going to end. This ride started my sickness. But we rode one more ride. James, Ariel and I did and it spun and went side to side. After that I was done. But we played one game where you fill up the target with water and the dinosaur would go up. First time Chris won but mine and Ariel's were delayed so he let us go again and James won. And he got me a prize. I got to pick and I picked a giraffe. I named him Cheez. After that we left and not within 10 minutes of leaving we had to pull over..I threw up. No fun. After that I was asleep all the way home. But besides that it was fun. I wish I would of rode more rides with Ariel but I definitely would have thrown up there at the fair if I did.

Meet Cheez.

Our 1 Year Anniversary

Before I mention our 1 year anniversary, the Thursday before our anniversary Cobey had to have surgery. We found out he had kidney stones. He is doing a lot better now and he is kind of like a different dog. He loves to cuddle now.
Poor baby. Cobey at the vet.
 Ok so for our anniversary we decided to keep it a little low key. We took off a couple days and on the 22nd we went to Atlanta for the whole day. We went to Brick Store Pub in Downtown Decatur for lunch. It was a neat place and food was really good. I had got the Shepherd's Daughter's Pie it is a mixture of lamb, beef, and pork, with barley ketchup, fennel and fresh herbs, and potatoes with a gruyere sauce. And it had a side salad that had a lemon vinaigrette. (Didn't get a picture of it.) James ordered the muffaletta sandwich and it was salami, capicola, mortadella, swiss and jack cheese and an olive salad. The flavors of there food was mouth watering. And we took a risk at ordering beer and we both ended up with dark beer. There were both black.

My Beer.

James' Beer.


After lunch we went to the Coke Factory. I've never been to the new one, James has but it was neat. It's a lot nicer. We did all the tours and tasting. My favorite besides North America was Asia. It had a lot of fruitier sodas and it just tasted better than all of them. James made me try Beverly which is Italy's was not good. It tasted like medicine. I don't know how they drink that stuff. 
James and I with the Polar Bear.
Then after the Coke Factory we went to Atlantic Station just to waste some time before dinner. Then we went to dinner at Two Urban Licks. We ordered calamari for an appetizer. It was amazing. It was sweet but spicy. I ordered a steak that had a side of potatoes and corn and pepper mix and James ordered scallops with a tomato broth (didn't get a picture). It was all really good. I would go there again and I would recommend everybody to go there but know you will spend some money. The atmosphere was so open and unique too. The cooking was all done in the middle it was really neat. 


And since traditionally paper is the 1 year anniversary gift we made our gifts. 

James' gift to me.

My gift to James.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jaim and Nicole Wedding

Ok so my brother Jaim and his at the time fiance (since I'm late) got married on October 14, 2012. It was an amazing wedding. It was phenomenal. Nicole did such an amazing job at everything and she was so beautiful (she always beautiful) but you all understand. She was astonishing and I'm so glad she is my sister-in-law and I love her so much.

But anyways we had rehearsal Saturday and lunch at Dominick's. It was pretty good. I would go back .

James and his groomsman gift.

Brother and me.

Ash, Kyra, and me.

This shirt make me look big :(
  That night we stayed with Nicole and Jaim so we made sure they got out the house on time and we had to help get stuff to the venue. Which by the way their venue was called Four Oaks Manor. It was such a beautiful venue. I would recommend anybody to get married there. The people are very nice and building and the area is whimsical. It main building is a Victorian house where the bride and groom can get married and some people can hang, there is a carriage house where the dance floor and cake was, there was a separate barn area which was the bar area, there is a bon fire area and then there was a bare area in very back where the ceremony was held.

Bar area.

Ceremony area.



1st site since early that morning.


Father and I in Photo booth.


Smores and Campfire

James casting a fortune in the ball.


Ben, me, Jaim, James, and Carl.

Nicole's Bachlorette Party

 Saturday after Taste of Atlanta I went back up to Atlanta for my sister-in-law's bachlorette party. We went to Dante's Down the Hatch for dinner and stayed the night at the Ritz Carlton in Lennox. We stayed up and watched dirty dancing and played some board games till we all fell asleep. Then we went to breakfast at the Corner Bakery. It was very nice and laid back. I failed at getting any pictures at Dante's. :(

View from the room.
FYI you have to pay an entertainment fee.

Our gifts Nicole got us.

Meredith, Nicole, Chantel, and me.

Really good cupcake.

James' Birthday and Taste of Atlanta 2012

Ok so since the last update it has been James' birthday, Jaim and Nicole got married and our 1 year anniversary with a bunch of little things happening in between. But I am going to do a post for each one so to begin, James' Birthday and Taste of Atlanta 2012.

James' birthday was kind of chill. He got his little TV for his room.

We went to Taste of Atlanta with Dustin and Christi for his birthday.

James got the VIP pass. He said it was the best one we've been to. And we decided next year that I will be getting the VIP, that we would never do it split again. But this year's Taste of Atlanta was good I just didn't use my tickets wisely. I tried a lot of the same stuff that I usually do. And that is not how I should do it. I need to try things that I haven't tried. But I got a lot of free stuff for us. But here are some pictures, not much. That was another thing I didn't take a lot of pictures. Next year I will once I have a nicer, better camera.

All the free stuff I got (I forgot the 3 big bags of chips I also got).