Monday, March 26, 2012

Been a while...

So it has been a whole since I have been on here. Sorry for being gone so long.
Let's see, some updates.
James, Michael, Mr. Ronnie, and myself have signed up for the 2012 Warrior Dash here in Georgia. It is a 3.2 mile obstacle course. I am pretty excited. So this has kind of been a big motivation for me. Also if you want to help us, make a donation St. Jude's Children Research Hospital at our website:
And please spread the word!!
James and I also signed up for the Locust Grove Haven House 5k ( I think it is a 5k) I will have to double check on that.
Saw The Hunger Games. It was amazing. I thought it was true as it could be to the book. There were things they changed but it was only like 2-3 things and there were a few things that they could have done differently but overall it was good.
We worked on our front flower bed.
Someone stole our lights out of our yard for the second time. Err. But anyways! I think that is all that has really been going on.


  1. Thanks! Have to get some mulch still. And will be starting a vegetable garden soon.