Sunday, April 15, 2012

TAG it photography, Braves Game, Haven House 5K

Quick update on everything. So trying to start up a photography business so to speak. It's called T.A.G it photography. I'm kind of wanting to start with high school senior pictures since it's that time of the year but I'm open to other sessions just nothing big right now. I'm currently just borrowing Mrs. Chris' camera but once I get a few sessions in I'm going to invest in my own camera. But this is just going to be side thing. If you want to check out my blog its and you can check me out on Facebook. But I'm still trying to get everything up and running. I'm nervous I don't know why though.

Friday James and I went to the Braves opening day game vs the Brewers. It was a really good game.

We tail gated for a bit before the game with Trey, Josh, Ace and some others. It was crazy.

James got 2 batting practice balls. One from McCann and the other Freeman. I was glad he got those because we always go and never got any. Then there was one inning were they said if the Braves scored a home run everybody could go to a participating Moe's and receive a free burrito. They scored!! James and I never stayed to watch the fireworks after a game and it was really good. The fireworks went with the music it was good.

Saturday we participated in the Locust Grove Haven House 5K. IT was a toughy but it was fun. A good experience. Hopefully we do more, we plan to do one or two before the Warrior Dash. But James ran his in 26.20 minutes and he got 1st in his age division. I don't remember how long I ran it was in the 40's though and I was 2nd in my age division.

But that has really been it. We've got a lot more going on this month hopefully I can check in more frequently. But I will update you till then. :)


  1. Don't be nervous!!! I'm sure you will do great!

    1. Thanks. I hope. Any tips on how to spread the word and getting started?