Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sorry I've been gone so long...

Sorry it has been so long. A lot has been going on. Since the last blog, James and I ran a 5K - Run the Mill: 
With a time of 37:22.

With a time of 24:16.

Both with better times than our first one!

And we, along with Michael and Mr. Ronnie participated in the Warrior Dash:

After :)

 James finished in 34:22. Michael finished in 37:28. Ronnie finished in 39:14. And  I finished in 51:46.

The obstacle was crazy. 1st obstacle was to swim across a lake. I panicked half way through because I couldn't touch the bottom and it felt like I was suffocating. Right after that one you had to crawl under barbed wire. Then crawl under a net. The next obstacle was to climb a wall using a rope. Half way up I was like what the heck am I doing? But someone at the bottom encouraged me to keep going. I got over it thanks to the guy at the bottom. After that was about 7 or 8 mini walls alter barbed wire where you go under and then wood where you go over. Then you had to jump into another little lake climb onto this floating crate thing and climb over to humps while everybody else is trying to get on and it's swaying and wet. Then jump back in and swim to the edge. Climb a tire slope. Then you're running a little bit. Then you had to climb another wall that only had 4 pegs in it and once you got to it you had to slide down the fireman pole. I climbed up the slide but once I got up there some when had slide down and got hurt so I climbed back down. Then there was a horizontal net wall. And then there was a really big hill with a tarp on it and water running down it. Slide down that then you had to climb over cars and do the tire runs in between. Now it's getting to the end and you had to jump over the 2 rows of fire and then crawl under barbed wire and go into the mud pit and swim across to the finish line. WOAH! A lot huh. And don't forget the running in between all those. Now a 100% blind man participated in the race and completed - amazing!!

I got a few scraps on the leg and knees and a really big strawberry on my butt. But it was all very fun. I loved it and I'm ready for another one. I was looking into some and I found one called the Gladiator Rock n Run and it's in September.

But other than that we've been working and I finished up my spring semester in school. I start summer semester in June and I'm ready for it already. Well I hope to keep this up to date. I will check in later.

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