Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apparently not good at this..

Sorry again not keeping up with what is going on. But nothing really has been going on.

Last month I ordered my dress for Jaim and Nicole's wedding. It's so pretty. I just need to find shoes.

I'm taking a tiny break on the photography thing. I think I would just be more confident if I had my own camera. But I have started making jewelry. I've sold 3 items so far. I have a blog for that. Going to add a tab.

Tonight we're leaving to go to Florida for the weekend. They got hit really bad by Tropical Storm Debby. But when I talked to Grandma she said they were fine. So we shall see. But then my birthday weekend we are to go to Nashville and St. Louis. I'm excited to see something new.

Arms are like jello. Been working them out with James some this week. Trying to get fit for our next mud runs in September. I'm super excited about these. I'm a little nervous about the Gladiator Rock N Run because there are 2 mystery obstacles and at the end you have to go up a 14 ft rope. I need that upper body strength BAD!

But I will really try to get better with this. I think I will since I have a lot coming up this month. I will check it later!! 

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