Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Venice, FL

So this past weekend James, my dad and I went to Venice, Fl to visit the family. It was a very nice and short trip. I wish it was longer but it was good to see everybody. At times I wish we lived there. If we did we would definitely would need to live in Sarasota because it's like the city. But lets see, we left Thursday night and got to Florida early Friday morning. We took a little nap at my Grandmas house. We then went to Athela's on the island in Venice. They have the best eggs benedict I've ever had. But I've only had eggs benedict at this place and IHOP. So I have no where else to really compare it to but it's so good and you get a lot for $8.00. You had the choice of sliced tomatoes, potatoes or something else I can't remember but I tried to stay a little on the healthier side.
 The rest of the day we kind of just hung out ran here and there until everybody got off work then we all had dinner together at Lock and Key. Sorry this time I didn't take a picture even though I should of because my Coconut Tempura Shrimps were HUGE and tasty.
Saturday we went to the beach. Then that night my cousin took James, myself and one of her friends out to Downtown Sarasota. We at dinner at Ceviche's. It is a tapas restaurant. It was amazing. Should of also took picture of our food but didn't. But we had Solomillo a la parilla which was a prime beef filet grilled and sliced with wild mushrooms and brandy cream sauce, cangrejos de la casa which was a baked jumbo lump and backfin blue crab cake, served with a saffron sherry sauce and  patatas bravas which were fried potatoes tossed with spicy homemade aioli (omg to die for by the way). And no I did not remember all this I looked up the menu online. After we ate we went to a little bar that no body was in and we figured out why. There drinks we disgusting. Some people might enjoy them but they were very unique. The drink I order had absinthe in it - didn't know that it would taste like black liquorice. My most hated candy in the whole wide world well my cousin and her date told our waiter it was unbareable and we got a new drink but in the middle of that I told him it was fine I would drink and when I tried to get it back he karate chopped me so I karate chopped him back but it didn't work. The next drink I got was just weird. It was called Spa H2O & it was like all watermelony cucumbery and there were chunks of the fruit and vege in there. I'm not surprised if I was drinking actual spa h2o like someone was soaking their feet it. NASTY. So we paid for our drinks and left. We then went to Gator Club. And OMG it was soooo much fun. It was a very nice club. Upstairs they had a DJ playing dance music there was a bar and pool tables. Then downstairs they had a live band called The Flats and they were playing a little bit of everything but a lot of today's music. And they were really good. James and I danced the night away.
 I had a picture of James and I but I have to find it. We got home at 3:30 Sunday morning. And we had to be up early like 5:00 to head down to Sarasota for the boat races and have good parking and a place on the beach. My dad, aunt and Jeff ended up heading that way and meet up with my Aunt Brenda and some friends. While we slept in for a little bit.
Sunday we went to the boat races. It was fun. Tired. My Aunt Brenda made some really awesome sledge hammers. Tasted almost like Chic-fil-a lemonade but not as sweet. Couldn't really taste the alcohol. But we just hung out there majority of the day. Then my aunt did my hair and we meet my Grandma and the guys at a restaurant for dinner.
Monday morning we got up and ate breakfast at my cousin's work - Upper Crest Cafe on the island. And this was my dessert that I had when we got home- cheesecake brownie. AMAZING - sorry Great American Cookie.

 But this was a good trip. My mom got home safe and sound from the Philippines. Back to the real world. Good to be home.

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