Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dragon*Con 2012

So Labor Day weekend James and I attended Dragon*Con 2012. This year was our 3rd year and it gets crazier and bigger every year. We were there for 3 days this year.  We stayed at a really awesome hotel called Twelve. Pricey but really nice. We usually don't stay in hotels that nice. It was like an apartment. Hopefully next year we can actually stay at one of the host hotels. But if not I would want to be back at that hotel. I dressed up all three days. The first day I dressed up day of the dead, second day I didn't dress up during the day only for the night and I was Batman's girl and third day I was Steampunk. Pictures are on my Facebook. We had a really good time. Saturday we meet up with Jaim and some of his friends. Kind of had his mini somewhat bachelor thing. I think he had a good time. Jaim dressed up as Quailman from the Nickelodeon (I don't know if I spelt that right) show Doug it was awesome.

James and I attended some panels of our own interest but we were together in most. We attended The Guild, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries panels. Those were really funny. Costumes this year were amazing. I didn't get to take too many pictures this year. I think because I was dressed up myself. I will have to make James the camera man next year.

I've already started planning for next year. Next year I'm trying to get our own group of 10 or more people. That way we can hang out, be with friends, and share hotel rooms. 

Twelve Hotel (excuse our stuff)

Living Room

Living room and kitchen


full kitchen
living room

Day of The Dead

Walking Dead Panel

Face shot

Vampire Diaries Panel

Business Batman

Batman's Girl

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