Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Night At Home

Ok so I haven't been on in a while. Last time I wrote it was about my En Gedi. Well we had James' En Gedi the past weekend and I think it went well. We had a lot of fun.

I stopped taking my vitamins and the acidophiles pills to maybe see if that's why I can't lose some weight. And I think that is why because I lost 1 pound. But I've been still working hard, I try to go when I can now that school has started. One thing that sucks though is that the one class that I enjoy the most is when I'm in school.

It's been pretty hectic and stressful at work lately. But it will get better.

James and I booked a hotel room for DragonCon this year. I'm excited. I've got to start working on my clothes and think of makeup ideas. The hotel we booked at is really nice. It's like a little apartment. So I've got 2 wardrobe ideas in mind but I need 1 more, so far I've got steampunk and day of the dead. If you have any ideas let me know.

I've been having Valentine's Day on my mind. I want to do something on the weekend. I was looking into Intercontinental in Buckhead and they have a nice Valentine's package. But I've got to see we are in money. But if anybody has any sweet ideas let me know.

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