Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Step At A Time...

So this weekend I had a session with 10 month old Anthony. His mother, Stephanie, had replied to my models wanted post on t.a.g. IT PHOTOGRAPHY. But it was one step closer in building my portfolio. It was a learning experience. I think my next kid session I will be a little more prepared. It was fun though. He was so precious.

It was a bummer today. I was supposed to do Jillian's session but the weather was not good.

Oh, Friday I went on a tour at the Atlanta Police Crime Lab. My forensic firearms and toolmarks instructor, Don Mikko, set up the tour for our class. It was neat. It was good to see what the atmosphere would be like. I still love the field but I would rather be the one on the field not in the lab.  But if I did work in the lab I think I would like my specialty to be firearms. But I still don't know.

But since nothing else really happened this weekend I will talk about what is to come for this week. 

Guess who's birthday is in 3 days!? James'!!! I hope he has a good birthday. We are going out to eat with his family Wednesday and then we are going to Taste of Atlanta Saturday. I've got to go to Nicole's bachlorette party Saturday night but Sunday we are eatting at Uncle Jerry's for James, Ronnie and Uncle Jerry's birthday. But we are going to get a monitor for his game room for his present.

I'm excited about Taste of Atlanta. I will taste plenty of food and take plenty of pictures! So keep an eye out. Time to watch 666 Park Avenue. 


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