Saturday, November 3, 2012

James' Birthday and Taste of Atlanta 2012

Ok so since the last update it has been James' birthday, Jaim and Nicole got married and our 1 year anniversary with a bunch of little things happening in between. But I am going to do a post for each one so to begin, James' Birthday and Taste of Atlanta 2012.

James' birthday was kind of chill. He got his little TV for his room.

We went to Taste of Atlanta with Dustin and Christi for his birthday.

James got the VIP pass. He said it was the best one we've been to. And we decided next year that I will be getting the VIP, that we would never do it split again. But this year's Taste of Atlanta was good I just didn't use my tickets wisely. I tried a lot of the same stuff that I usually do. And that is not how I should do it. I need to try things that I haven't tried. But I got a lot of free stuff for us. But here are some pictures, not much. That was another thing I didn't take a lot of pictures. Next year I will once I have a nicer, better camera.

All the free stuff I got (I forgot the 3 big bags of chips I also got).

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