Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beginning of 2013

To  ring in the New Year we went to South Carolina to see our friends Aaron, Caroline and Hersh. May be a new tradition starting. We do the whole bon fire thing, food, drinks and just hang.

James and his BFF
Just know ever since we came back from S.C. we went on a man hunt for toboggans and this joker don't even wear them.

So to start off 2013, there were some changes at work. We got a new Sheriff. A lot of people left, moved around and re-hired. I got moved to be the principal secretary for the Major of the jail division. I was already in the jail division, I was glad. I was just scared of being let go or being moved to a different location where it wouldn't work out with school. But I like where I am, I'm more involved with the public, I wasn't before, so it was something to get used to again.

Other than work of course I've been in school...still. But I am almost done. Spring semester I was taking firearms injuries, microbiology and public speaking. I was able to take some classes outside of my firearms injuries class, reloading ammo and touring the Atlanta Crime Lab. I got certificates for those so those are pretty awesome to add to my resume.

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