Sunday, May 19, 2013

Up in the air

May 17th I got to experience the awesome-est thing ever. About a week ago the Friday before May 17th my Major at work said something to me about going up in a helicopter. Knowing him I thought we were all just playing around. I thought it was cool anyways. I'm not scared of them or flying. Well come to it, he wasn't playing he needed new pictures of the jail for a presentation. The Major set up with Clayton County Police Department for me to go up May 17th. He told me the 4 things he needed while I was up there. I was so nervous about the pictures, not being in a helicopter but the pictures like if I got any good ones, if they were what he was wanting, did I get everything he wanted.

When I got there I think they were a little skeptical, They probably thought I was like way younger than what I am and that I was going to panic or get sick or something. But they went through a mini training, like how to buckle and unbuckle not to rely on the door, if anything happened never go towards the tail of the helicopter and if there was an emergency not to panic. After the whole emergency landing part I got to thinking. I never thought about if anything bad happened and I am the person that always thinks negative first. I didn't panic or anything but I was like "hmm...what if something could be my last..." But I felt like I was in good hands with these pilots. They were so awesome and nice. They taught me all about the wind and "natural wind" and landing has to be perfect because 1 inch can be game over.

And when I was up there, the feeling that came over me was unbelievable. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job. There are somethings that I don't agree with or like. But I love the people I work with and they are my family. But things like this really makes me appreciate my job. The ability to have awesome experiences and learn things. I love my boss he truly is the best. I'm not sucking up, he doesn't read any of these but the feeling was just peaceful. I could have been up there all day long. The flight was smooth and, no, I did not get sick. But being up there I almost wanted to cry because it made me think about a few things.

Again special thanks to my Major and CCPD for allowing me to have this experience.

Vlog of the experience:

Some pictures from the flight (there were like a 100+ photos)
Other Passengers


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