Saturday, May 18, 2013

March 2013

Florida Trip:
The weekend around St. Patrick's Day my parents, James and I went to Florida for my grandma's 70th birthday. We had a good little vacation. We went to the beach, grandma's birthday, Kherrington's birthday and Lexi's birthday parties. Kyra just loves James so much. She would always call his name and was so sweet to him but not to me. But they said she was asking about me the day after we left.

Atlanta Crawfish & Oyster Festival:
We went to the Atlanta Crawfish and Oyster Festival this year with my parents. It's neat to go to. It's good to go with friends or family. Just drink and eat. There is live music there. I had fun.

This will always be a tradition for me and James to go to and I don't think it can ever get old. Atlanta's BaconFest. Who doesn't love bacon...and beer. They make a good combination. Well this year was a little bit better than last year although we went by our selves. But they had more food, different vendors. Like P'Cheen, The Wrecking Bar, Pine Street Market was there and they had food to try and The Wrecking Bar had a beer to try and some kind of pulled pork and slaw. The food that there were serving was really good. P'Cheen had a nagiri sushi with pork belly and bacon french toast ice cream sandwich. GENIUS!! Pine Street Market had a bacon jam. It was definitely interesting.  MailChimp was there giving out free t-shirts and monkey hats. Scored some of those. They are awesome, there shirts feel so good and are too cute. We of course got our caricatures done. And the most awesomest experiences happened. I was waiting in line for James' beer while he went to the bathroom and a girl walked by looked just like Caroline from Vampire Diaries. I looked and was thinking OMG that's her!! And then I was like well do I jump out of line and go after her. What do I do. Finally James comes back and I tell him and I'm freaking out. We decide to get our of line to find her. We went looking and looking and I'm about to finally give up when I find her!! I walk up to her and I ask just to make sure it was Candice Accola. Because she had her face painted and sun glasses on but it was her. I asked her if I could get a picture with her and at first I didn't think I was going to get it because she was in the middle of buying ice cream. But I got to take a picture with her and ending up telling her that I love her.

Don't look to hard

Atl Roller Derby Girls

Kiss the pig
Candice Accola

Mail Chimp Hat for pet
Dipping bacon in beer


Bacon Bow - I Made

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