Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jaim and Nicole Wedding

Ok so my brother Jaim and his at the time fiance (since I'm late) got married on October 14, 2012. It was an amazing wedding. It was phenomenal. Nicole did such an amazing job at everything and she was so beautiful (she always beautiful) but you all understand. She was astonishing and I'm so glad she is my sister-in-law and I love her so much.

But anyways we had rehearsal Saturday and lunch at Dominick's. It was pretty good. I would go back .

James and his groomsman gift.

Brother and me.

Ash, Kyra, and me.

This shirt make me look big :(
  That night we stayed with Nicole and Jaim so we made sure they got out the house on time and we had to help get stuff to the venue. Which by the way their venue was called Four Oaks Manor. It was such a beautiful venue. I would recommend anybody to get married there. The people are very nice and building and the area is whimsical. It main building is a Victorian house where the bride and groom can get married and some people can hang, there is a carriage house where the dance floor and cake was, there was a separate barn area which was the bar area, there is a bon fire area and then there was a bare area in very back where the ceremony was held.

Bar area.

Ceremony area.



1st site since early that morning.


Father and I in Photo booth.


Smores and Campfire

James casting a fortune in the ball.


Ben, me, Jaim, James, and Carl.

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