Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My solider had his shoulder surgery.

Yesterday James had surgery on his shoulder. It went very well. It was so funny seeing him all goofed up but I'm so glad it's over. It's going to suck for a little bit but he will be all better. Although timing wasn't right, I'm glad we went ahead and got it done. Because the longer we would of waited the worst it would get. He's in pain right now, it doesn't seem like the medication is really helping. And last night we slept in the living room because he needs to sleep propped up. He said he didn't sleep very well though. We're waiting to for the doctors to check up on him so we can ask if he can have some Tylenol PM to help him sleep tonight. 

This past Sunday we had Thanksgiving with James' family. The food was amazing. And we did a dessert contest. Everybody's desserts were really good. My "Pumpkin Better Than... Cake" won. For the recipe click here.

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