Sunday, November 4, 2012

GA State Fair

Friday night James and I went with his parents, Michael and Ariel to the GA State Fair held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton. For a fair it really wasn't that bad. I've always wanted to go to the Perry Fair, I've heard that fair is a really good fair, maybe we will go next year. They had all these animals there which was neat to see, they were farm type animals but it was cool. I loved the baby goats. They were so sweet and cute. And there were chicks there they were all too cute. Next to the chicks was a hatching station and there was one that was trying to get out when went by. They had all the usual fair food and I didn't get any cotton candy. :( Sad.
But Ariel and I rode the Flying Dutchman. It was a ride that had 2 rows of seats and it would start out going side by side and then it would go all the way around. The next ride we rode James and Michael joined us. It was one that just went around and spinned a lot. It started out slow but then it got fast but it was kind of long. We were all like okay when is this going to end. This ride started my sickness. But we rode one more ride. James, Ariel and I did and it spun and went side to side. After that I was done. But we played one game where you fill up the target with water and the dinosaur would go up. First time Chris won but mine and Ariel's were delayed so he let us go again and James won. And he got me a prize. I got to pick and I picked a giraffe. I named him Cheez. After that we left and not within 10 minutes of leaving we had to pull over..I threw up. No fun. After that I was asleep all the way home. But besides that it was fun. I wish I would of rode more rides with Ariel but I definitely would have thrown up there at the fair if I did.

Meet Cheez.

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