Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our 1 Year Anniversary

Before I mention our 1 year anniversary, the Thursday before our anniversary Cobey had to have surgery. We found out he had kidney stones. He is doing a lot better now and he is kind of like a different dog. He loves to cuddle now.
Poor baby. Cobey at the vet.
 Ok so for our anniversary we decided to keep it a little low key. We took off a couple days and on the 22nd we went to Atlanta for the whole day. We went to Brick Store Pub in Downtown Decatur for lunch. It was a neat place and food was really good. I had got the Shepherd's Daughter's Pie it is a mixture of lamb, beef, and pork, with barley ketchup, fennel and fresh herbs, and potatoes with a gruyere sauce. And it had a side salad that had a lemon vinaigrette. (Didn't get a picture of it.) James ordered the muffaletta sandwich and it was salami, capicola, mortadella, swiss and jack cheese and an olive salad. The flavors of there food was mouth watering. And we took a risk at ordering beer and we both ended up with dark beer. There were both black.

My Beer.

James' Beer.


After lunch we went to the Coke Factory. I've never been to the new one, James has but it was neat. It's a lot nicer. We did all the tours and tasting. My favorite besides North America was Asia. It had a lot of fruitier sodas and it just tasted better than all of them. James made me try Beverly which is Italy's was not good. It tasted like medicine. I don't know how they drink that stuff. 
James and I with the Polar Bear.
Then after the Coke Factory we went to Atlantic Station just to waste some time before dinner. Then we went to dinner at Two Urban Licks. We ordered calamari for an appetizer. It was amazing. It was sweet but spicy. I ordered a steak that had a side of potatoes and corn and pepper mix and James ordered scallops with a tomato broth (didn't get a picture). It was all really good. I would go there again and I would recommend everybody to go there but know you will spend some money. The atmosphere was so open and unique too. The cooking was all done in the middle it was really neat. 


And since traditionally paper is the 1 year anniversary gift we made our gifts. 

James' gift to me.

My gift to James.

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