Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breathe Carolina at Tilly's

Ok so my husband is awesome and took me to Tilly's at the North Point Mall because one of my favorite bands, Breathe Carolina, was there. They did a DJ set and signed autographs and took pictures with people. I didn't stay to get an autograph or take a picture with them because there was so many people and if they come for a real concert I could probably get it then. But I had a pretty awesome spot. I was against the wall on one of their boxes. Probably shouldn't have been on it but no body told me to get off. They got the floors bouncing and it was crazy. It was a pretty awesome mini-concert. They need to come to the Masquerade next year. And hopefully I will have my camera by then. But here are some shots that I got.

Sorry some are blurry, I was using the camera on my phone.

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