Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since last week...

So since last week nothing much has been going on. Just school and work. But James went to the doctor and decided on surgery. So Monday he will be having surgery on his shoulder. He had surgery on his other shoulder last year. It's due to his bones growing but not growing in the right way, something like that, so they have to shave it or grind it away. He's is nervous, but I told him everything will be okay. It will suck for a couple months but he will be all better and he can go back to work out.

Tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving early with James' whole family because Eva is in town. I'm so excited she is here. She's so sweet and I love her. I love her accent to, she's so funny. And this year us "kids" are having our dessert contest. And I'm making something I've never made before as well as James. And of course he is waiting till tomorrow to do his...he hasn't learned yet, although I remember last year that he said he would never wait till the day of again but whatever.

Also I don't think I ever mentioned but I found out that I don't have to do an internship and that I will be done after Summer 2013. So YAY!! Yeah I'm all registered for next semester and I had it where I was loaded with 4 classes. A chemistry class in the A.M. on Tuesday and Thursday, Microbiology in the P.M. on Tuesday and Thursday, Firearms Injuries in the P.M. Wednesday and then a  Public Speaking class online. And I was freaking out about work because the way I worked out my schedule so that I still work Monday-Friday and 40 hours. I would have had to do 10 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 5 hours Tuesday and Thursday in between the two science classes. But I was able to find out that Chemistry would be available during the summer so I just dropped that class and I will take it during the summer. It needs to hurry up and get here. 

But yeah that's all that has really been going on since last week.

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